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. >>> just over a week from super bowl xlvii and ravens fans full of purple pride. >> reporter: ravens fans are gearing up and ready to cheer the team to a super bowl win. >> go ravens! >> reporter: fans lined up for a chance to see one of their favorite players off to new orleans. >> i'm a huge jacoby jones fan. we were going to meet him a couple weeks ago but we couldn't make it so i really want to meet him today. >> reporter: jones took time to give back to fans, signing autographs and taking pictures downtown. >> we had all those fans after the game, you would have thought we played a home game. >> reporter: baltimore is full of purple pride and some are taking the pride down south. >> fortunate enough to get tickets from friends, won the lottery. so we're off. real excited about it. we've nr been to a super bowl before. >> and of course you can watch super bowl xlvii right here, wusa 9 sunday, february 3rd, 6:30, and the day before the game on crew gets you ready with a special super bowl edition of game on. this guy is a big part of it. >> i am a big part of it. i'll tell you who's
out for super bowl xlvii, but they're putting -- they are right in the middle of mardi gras season so they are out there along the parade route as the floats go by. there's beads flying from everywhere, flying from the floats from the balconies in the french quarter. new orleans nearly 300 years old. there is history here. we have been talking to people about what they expect from everyone coming into town. of course, the city is going to bring in money with all of these out-of-towners but if you think the super bowl is a big party with 150 to 200,000 people coming into the city, mardi gras, they expect way more than that for mardi gras. and, of course, as i told you, it's in the middle of mardi gras season and they know how to party out here. >> it's like two perfect worlds colliding. ravens, 49ers fans and mardi gras-goers. thank you, michelle griego live in new orleans. >>> before the 9ers landed in the big easy they got a ceremonial sendoff in the south bay. the team boarded a delta charter in san jose yesterday for what could be the ride of
. a sibling rivalry for the ages. it's harbaugh versus harbaugh. in super bowl xlvii. just about a week away. time to take a look back at the a.f.c. championship game. and a preview of the biggest game of the year. we're going to the super bowl. it all starts right now on ravens wrapup. >> from wbal tv 11, this is ravens wrapup. presented by miller lite. >> no need for a bye week now. ravens get some rest as they prepare for the super bowl. and for the second time in franchise history, and the final game of ray lewis' career. the baltimore ravens make it to biggest game in pro sports, the super bowl. welcome in to ravens wrapup. with pete gilbert, qadry ismail i'm gerry sandusky. guys, what a run. >> no doubt about it. the major super bowl storylines are pretty obvious. brother against brother in ray's final ride and pretty sure we will learn much about those next week or so. a look back at the a.f.c. title game. from foxboro, q, can you have imagined a better conceived and executed game plan to stop tom brady? >> yeah. you talk about that second half of dominance, absolutely. the ravens wer
to new orleans and superbowl xlvii and they will take on the 49ers on february 3rd. some people are calling this the har but a bowl. >> i don't know if we had a dream this big. we had a few dreams and fights you know we had a few arguments just like all brothers yeah i guess so. you try to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out but couldn't be more proud of jim. >> mom lock up the china cabinet, the boys are at it again. early line on the game, ravens 5 point underdogs. >> you want to grab a shirt for the big game this one festous maximum mouse is code for superbowl. fans only produced the 2. shirts during 2000-01 season and now they are celebrating the return and stared to make them at midnight and have ship out 15,000 going on sale at noon. >>> news time is 6:34. a big day in washington, d.c. and the rest of the country as president obama is sworn into office for the second time. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in the nation's capital with more on the inauguration. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. we are live here on the
técnicamente como equipo local durante el super bowl xlvii, por ello, tuvo mucho sentido que arribaran primero antes que los ravens de baltimore. ayer a las 6.56 de la tarde llegaron a new orleans. jugadores, staff y familiares desembarcaron para la semana de preparación rumbo al partido por el trofeo lombardi el próximo domingo 3 de febrero. este el primer viaje de los 49ers al super bowl en 18 años. el primer grans slam del aÑo en el tenis ya tiene a su reyna y a su rey. la tenista bielorrusa victoria azarenka revalidÓ su ti Ítulo en el abierto de australia al derrotar a la china li na en tres sets 4-6, 6-4 y 6-3 en una final intensa y dramÁtica disputada en melbourne. es el segundo ti Ítulo del grand slam que gana azarenka que, de esta manera, conservarÁ su puesto como nu Úmero uno mundial del circuito femenino de tenis. mientras tanto en hombres, el serbio novak djokovic se adjudicÓ su cuarto tÍtulo en el abierto de australia al derrotar al britÁnico andy murray en cuatro sets, por 6-7, 7-6, 6-3 y 6-2. vencedor en 2008, 2011 y 2012, el nu Úmero 1 se tambien la copa centromeri
leading up to next sunday at super bowl xlvii when they get ready to take on the baltimore ravens. later on we will bring you a full sports report. mindy has a reminder of one who is looking for a elusive super bowl ring. nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you very much, jim. see you in just a bit. >>> and how's that for a sendoff for the 49ers this afternoon? diehard fans waited outside the team's training facilities in send them on their way to super bowl xlvii. many fans said they have been waiting a very long time to see this again and they are thrilled. >> we're excited. the niners are going to the super bowl. hopefully they come back with a win. there's no doubt, they're going to come back with a win. >> i'm sure kaepernick is going to do it. kaepernick is going to win six super bowls. >> it was a family event, of course. fans of all ages wished the team well. >>> quarterback colin kaepernick was so excited to leave for new orleans that he tweeted out this instagram photo of his plane seat, i ain't never seen a plane seat like this. the 49ers sent out a picture of their own of
newsstands next week. it captures all the drama of super bowl xlvii perfectly. >> a little bit of both. there will be four covers to take a look. one features of course the brothers harbaugh jim and john. another has 9ers runningback frank gore and ravens emotional leader linebacker ray lewis also on a cover. and finally ravens quarterback joe flacco will get his own front page so folks on the east coast can gobble him up and we will, as well. >>> we are sending a too much reporters to cover super bowl xlvii in new orleans. i will be there along with sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, and mike sugerman. should be a good time. >>> 6:26 right now. coming up, the man behind the voice of charlie brown and his connection to a bizarre stalking case. >> and a new push to fight crime in the east bay. the late-night vote to add a super cop to oakland's police force. >> super bowl is about the game and the ads. the new tactics they are using to reel you in. >> and finally the storm clouds rolling back in. showers not far behind. we'll talk about
easy. super bowl xlvii in new orleans now one week away. then comes the grand finale of the mardi gras celebration. but we are here in washington, d.c. now. good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. the other big story this week of course, the bitter blast of cold weather. it is still gripping many parts of the midwest, northeast, and of course we're feeling it here around our region. it's making some dangerous conditions outside. let's take a live look here in northwest d.c. nice sunrise coming up. sunday is off to another chilly start. so we're going to go down to gwen talbart in the weather center to find out if any relief is in sight. hi, gwen. >> good morning. we're off to a chilly start. but for those of you who are tired of this very cold weather, there is a short break coming ahead. let's see where we stood in terms of our numbers yesterday. 37 at reagan national. 37 dulles. and 34 at bwi marshall. temperatures should have been into the low 40s. didn't make it there at all. we had cool conditions. 24 in annapolis now, same at baltimore. 25 at dulles. 22 for martinsburg and 19 at winch
unfortunately alone because of super bowl xlvii. but new orleans isn't the only city cashing in on the super bowl. so is san francisco and cbs 5's elissa harrington is in san francisco with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. hope you're having fun in new orleans. here in san francisco buildings all over the city are lit up in red and gold but the city also expected to take in some green this super bowl. even though the host city makes the big bucks an estimated $435 million, san francisco should get a boost. the people who live and work here could see an additional $120 a year in personal income. there are a few reasons for that. according to economists, winning brings confidence and pumped up fans are big spenders. also the city has been put on a national stage. we are getting a lot of exposure right now and a lot of press. that also brings confidence. and finally, food and merchandise. across the country fans are expected to spend $11 billion on super bowl-related purchases including about 8 million pounds of tortilla ch
as we follow the 49ers all the way to super bowl xlvii in new orleans. >>> there was another major sporting event going on today for bay area fans. nearly two dozen of the world's best surfers battled it out for the mavericks title and a chance at winning the big wave world tour. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at pillar point with more on what's happening there. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. that contest wrapped up about 3:30. we've been waiting for the results. we finally found out the winner. this year, peter mel from sent cruz. his first maverick title, that has eluded him until now. the mavericks international surf competition relied, as you can imagine, very heavily on mother nature cooperating. so this is the first time in three years that this competition went forward. fans came out, excited to be here at 8:30 this morning, a half hour after it got under way. people watched the action from a jumbotron. in years past spectators were able to watch it from the beach or bluffs. but the worlds changed after a rogue wave caused injuries in 2010 when it crashed into
xlvii. hang with us. sports its next. s next. . >>> welcome back to nbc bay area. you can call it the harbaugh bowl, but don't expect any brotherly love during the super bowl. jim and john harbaugh are focused on the big picture, which is doing whatever it takes to win the lombardi trophy. 49ers travel to new orleans tomorrow. the red and gold very confident after claiming the nfc championship. >> i knew we had the talent. i knew we had the guys to do it, like patrick vernon, just justin smith. list goes on. we had the guys. i don't think we had the right people in front to lead it the right way. >> you talk about san francisco, only come to mind, jay rice, joe montana, now we trying to close that bridge and make you talk about patrick willis, j justinsmith. they was the team back in the day. we trying to be the team there now. >> we are eight days away from super bowl xlvii. the countdown is on. when you want a story covered the right way, count on nbc bay area and comcast sportsnet bay area to deliver the right bay. live super bowl reports from new orleans begin tomorrow. we
going, the weather gets cooler. >> in sports, just seven more days remain until super bowl xlvii. fans will be gathering this morning in santa clara to send the 49ers off to new orleans. here's mike shumann with more on the niners in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the niners take off today for new orleans and super bowl xlvii. it is your last chance of normalcy before the media onslaught begins on monday. the niners have five layers who have played in a former super^bowl. even their coach, jim harbaugh, never played in the big game. but this entire roster wants to keep the bay area championship win streak going. san francisco is just settling down from the giants world series victory and parade. could we be getting ready for yet another parade? >> i was actually thinking about it. there's a nice stretch here with teams, the giants winning and doing well. the sharks always do well and the warriors are competitive. >> all right. raiders head coach dennis allen coaching the north team at yesterday's senior bowl in mobile, alabama. a good chance to check out the talent for the dra
. the 49ers landed in the big easy for super bowl xlvii, and jim harbaugh has his hand fall. not with the ravens but his skid >> ama: going to cost you more to mail a letter. the price of postage went up one cent to 46 cents for a first class letter. the forever stamps still work. >> gas prices are going up. the average price of gasoline is now 3.34 a gallon. up four cents in the last week inch california the average is 3.67. in the bay area, it's 3.71. >> the golden gate kennel club concluded a weekend dog show at the cow palace. the all-breed dog show and competitions. 350 breeds were represented through more than 2,000 dogs. the show is one of the most press siegous in the make. look at that weeper -- weiner dog, and yoga is now going to the dogs, sort of. classes are breaking up around the country, some yoga students say posing with their dogs is better for them. >> actually -- i couldn't find exactly what i wanted but being able to do it with my dog is more relaxing. >> i love it. many students add they can attend to their dog's aches and pains through yoga techniques.
xlvii seven days away. players arrived around 5:00 p.m. pacific time with the 49er flag waving from the plane. the players were taken the hotel and met briefly with the media. the 49ers have not been the super bowl in 18 years, and only five players have been to the big dance. this week is a learningers anden for -- experience for most of this team. >> uncharted waters for a rookie super bowl coach. so that's exciting, too. we have a great thrill and great desire to be in uncharted waters. our coaches and our players. always relish that drive in that kind of environment. >> head down, keep working. this isn't a time to relax and get out of your routine and stop working hard. this is when you should be working your hardest. >> mike: can we lower the microphone? those not in the super bowl in the pro bowl in hawai'i. eli manning starting the game, not so good. picked off by derrick johnson. goes 42 yards. afc took the 14-10 lead. manning made up for his mistake. fines victor cruz. breaks a tackle and scores. and breaks out with a little salsa dance. manning had two td passes. kyle rud
in new orleans. they landed in the big easy last night. they are just days away from super bowl xlvii and hopefully their 6 nfl championships in team history that would be so cool. everyone i know back home in san francisco is talking about the super bowl and i'm sure lots is going on, online. here with more on that is cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran. >> reporter: good morning. hope you're staying warm out there in new orleans. right now, online it's all about the last-minute punish for tickets so die-hard 49ers fans before you take out that checkbook make sure you take a look at the prices we have been tracking. on average, tickets will set you back $3,389, about two months rent for a san francisco studio. and that's only the average. if you are rock looking to save thousands, the cheapest seats are $1,776. the reason they are cheap, you're on the upper level of the superdome tucked away in the corner. but if you have money to burn on the higher end tickets will be around $5,000. these seats do put you closer to the action right on the sidelines at a
're thrilled to be part of it. >> reporter: ravens fans here in new orleans for super bowl xlvii have lap chance to help out, too. >> the ravens nation is invited to volunteer owning st -- on st. bernard projects rebuilt sites. we encourage everyone to show support. >> reporter: you'll find out much more on how channel 2 is partnering with the project to rehabilitate more homes on our website, reporting from new orleans, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> again, we're looking for volunteers. it only take as couple hours of your time or maybe a donation. just log on to for nola. there, you'll find a leverage to the st. bernard project. jamie costello was at the airport as the ravens touched down in the easy. >> the ravens touched down at 3:15 local time. john harbaugh, the coach, was the first off the plane. ed reed comes home to play in front of his home family. jacoby johns was there. he's home. ray rice said his -- and joe flacco is now in new orleans and terrell shogs has been -- suggs has been quiet all week. with the ravens in new orleans for super bo
for baltimore's morning pep rally and the team leaving for super bowl xlvii. >> we have you covered as you head out the door from the roads to the weather, we want to let you know there is are school delays, we put them at the bottom of the screen. harford, howard, cecil, on a 2- hour delay. keep your eye out for your kids school. >> over to meteorologist, lynette charles, we were looking a at the radar, looks like a big colorful blob. >> all the colors mean something, but it doesn't mean that because you are in the blues, that you are seeing plain snows you could be mixing in, some sleet and also freezing rain with this, and some snow could be mixing in, with some of the greens that you are seeing here, which is indicative of the rain. also what i want to tell you, the further to the south, not so much, the surface is so cold, once the rain comes down, that's how you get your freezing rain, rain falls and sticks and freezes on contact. be prepared this morning, it's going to be an icy mess outdoors. now a check of what is going on because of the mess that we have, winter weather advisory in e
into new england and rips their heart out, 28- 13, they are headed on to super bowl xlvii. all right that was our view here at the broadcast house. kristin fisher -- kristen berset joins us live with this live report. what's up k.b.? >> reporter: hey dave. yeah, what a game it was. the press box was packed and it felt like a home game for theravens. so many fans traveled up for this game and they sure saw a good one like you say, not really turning out necessarily how many thought. and five out of their last six match ups have been decided by six points or less. this one, of course, much different. now, facing the little strange look in the first half. then they said at half time they knew this was their time and they came out and they played that way. obviously a very jbilent in the locker room. let's hear from what some of the players had to say. >> and we wanted to come back and make that right. you know it would have been great to do it in front of our fans in baltimore and met stadium, but we felt the proper way was to come back here and win at foxborough. >> it is just a blessi
to super bowl xlvii. colin kaepernick leading the 49ers but it was matt ryan who stole the show early. it was all atlanta. second quarter will start. 10-0 atlanta already making 17-0 after this. ryan to julio jones, 20-yard score. got both of his feet down somehow. the 49ers never quit. fourth quarter. down three but not anymore. frank gore, nine-yard touchdown, untouched. last chance for the falcons. fourth and four. knocking it away. 49ers win. they're going to the super bowl. mindy bach is in atlanta with more. >> reporter: this win is unlike any other for the 49ers this season. 17-point deficit they over came is their largest comeback by far of the year. and san francisco broke a five-game losing streak on the road during the playoffs. and it all means they're going to their sixth super bowl in the city of new orleans. >> it does validate our team. you know, winning this -- winning this game. and we said at the start of this three super bowls to win. and, you know, we won two so far. now we have another one in two weeks. >> we fought, man. it was a tough game. we fought. down 17.
orleans is about to host two of the world's biggest parties, super bowl xlvii and mardi gras. the city has been preparing for the big game for two years, and it has taken a lot of work. projects included $305 million in renovations to the airport and upgrades at the superdome. the convention center got a $93 million makeover. and $75 million was spent on streets and sidewalks and street cars. the mayor says it was a big task but his city is ready. >> for a city that seven years ago was 15 feet underwater and the last on every list in america that mattered, now we find ourselves in a city that's on the world stage. this is a huge effort. the big story is, this is not the end of the road for us. >> city leaders hope to wow the world and bring in another super bowl back to the big easy in 2018. if you're lucky enough to be going to the super bowl in new orleans, you've got a lot to celebrate. not only are you going to see great football, but you're going to one of the world's greatest party towns. don knapp got some tips from a local new orleans native.
headlines. >>> and in sports, super bowl xlvii will bring sibling rivalry to new heights when brothers jim and john harbaugh find themselves on opposite sidelines. hear when they're saying about facing each other in the big game. bout facing each other in the big game. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. [ dietrich ] we always heard about "apple a day keeps the doctor away," so i guess i should never see the doctor as many apples as i eat in a day. ♪ ♪ we got just the right soil the right elevation, good rainfall that we get here that makes for a great crisp apple, good-colored apple. that's what we're striving for right there. ♪ ♪ you can get high-quality apples just like we grow in every happy meal. yum. ♪ ♪ >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, cloudy, high of 25. miami, 78. chicago, cloud
just the quality of these two teams. super bowl xlvii may have enough drama for two tv movies. the final game for a legendary defensive warrior. on top of that, it will be the first championship game to pit two brothers, fiercely competitive head coaches, against each other. should be good, down in new orleans in two weeks. >> who has it better than us? >> reporter: jim and john harbaugh are just 15 months apart. but in two weeks, they'll stand 15 feet apart, face-to-face on the biggest stage in sports. the 49ers stunned the atlanta falcons on sunday, to clinch the nfc title. >> into the end zone for a touchdown. >> reporter: big brother's john's baltimore ravens capped off a cinderella season, sealing their destiny by running over the patriots. this game has its own twitter hash tag, #harbaugh. >> we had a few fights and arguments. we'll try to stay out of that business. we'll have the two teams duke it out as much as possible. >> reporter: john and jim grew up with the game. their father, jack, coached some of the top college teams in the country. the two boys with him every
bombers. >>> the latest on legendary newswoman barbara walters' hospitalization. >>> super bowl xlvii pits brother versus brother. >>> and a bizarre scene of man versus shark. >>> and a bizarre scene of man versus shark. "early today" starts right now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> very good morning to you. nice to see you. i'm veronica de la cruz. in just a few hours, president obama will take the oath of office for the second time in 24 hours before laying out his agenda for the next four years. just before noon on sunday, supreme court chief just john roberts administered the oath of office as required by law on the 20th of january. take a listen. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, barak hussein obama, do solemnly swear -- >> i, barak hussein obama, do solemnly swear -- >> that i will faithfully execute -- >> that i will faith faith followy execute. >> the office of the president of the united states -- >> the office of the president of the united states -- >> to the best of might have ability -- >> to the best of my ability -- >> preserve, prote
is the stuff of legend. now we're being reminded of another connection ray lewis shares with super bowl xlvii. find out how one of the harbaugh brothers isn't just there for the last ride. he was there when lewis first saddled up. >> the league comes down on the golden boy. how tom brady's checkbook is going to get dinged for his ty cobb style slide. >> we are dealing with a crash on 83 and parkton and this snow is falling across the region making the roads really slick. here's a live look right now in ham den where the snow is covering the streets. be extra careful out there and we'll have more on the forecast and a complete check on the roads coming up on "good morning maryland." >>> well, the ravens aren't getting down to business today preparing for super bowl xlvii. players have their first of three home practices today before leaving charm city. now before hitting the field, joe flacco, lewis and rice and terrell suggs are expected to answer questions of the 2012 season and this current super bowl run. the ravens head to the big easy monday six days ahead of super bowl xlvii. >>> well,
. >> superbowl xlvii here we come. we are celebrating this morning. >> we are celebrating each other. and celebrating the incredible nation that we call home. >> the celebrating that too. the president has been sworn in but the public's ceremony is today. a preview coming up on this monday morning. thanks for being with us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. you are joined by the most tired news team i think probably ever. we all stadium and enjoyed the game. >> walking dead over here. >> this guy was down in federal hill last night and you will see some of the photographs of that. apparent. >> >> reporter: apparently i was and don't remember. >> yeah you were. >> and you were watching at home. >> i was and i am so glad i did because it was a fabulous game. i am trying to contain myself running off adrenaline getting you out the door. the cold air will wake you up. >> you want to bring it down a notch. >> look at the 20s across the area. we could see that in bel air this morning. 27, 26 in elkton. 22 at emmettsburg but we are supposed to be this way this time of the year an
in new orleans for the up coming super bowl xlvii. you watched it live here a few minutes ago as the team jet landed at the airport. full week ad the of big game on sunday. -- ahead of the game on sunday. they will be gearing up for the game. what an exciting moment for the 49ers. you see here them trickling off the plane. taking that plane ride a chance to relax and ged rey for the -- get ready for the super bowl. >> we have a full crew there and will have more from new orleans. >> that's right. >>> and as we move on now, our coverage of super bowl continues throughout the newscast. [ cheers and applause ] >> waving flags and snapping pictures -- >> i saw colin kaepernick, vernon davis. >> reporter: people decked out in red and gold pressed up against a fence at the san jose airport to get a glimpse of their team. >> this is quite an experience. >> reporter: around noon today the 49ers boarded a flight bound for new orleans. >> a small group of fans showed up here to send the team off hoping they will board this plane as super bowl contenders and return home as champions. >> reporter: ev
of excitement is building for super bowl xlvii. >> that's right. but it's not just a big day for the 9ers and the ravens. coca-cola, budweiser and m and ms are hoping to score big, too. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins with us more on how those super bowl ads are going beyond the game to get our attention. >> reporter: it always works, doesn't it? i know some people actually record these commercials but this year, they won't have to and that's because some of them are already out. >> coca-cola gave viewers a preview of its ad on the website. >> reporter: it's asking you to decide how the commercial ends on game day. and mercedes-benz released its ads yesterday trying to build buzz on its facebook page. the ad has dozens of comments on the suggestive commercial and that's what it's about this year. experts say it's about a social media extravaganza. companies are hyping up its product before it hits super bowl air time. experts say the strategy can score some big points. >> buzz before the game and buzz after the game means that that spot of yours wo
comprehensive team coverage of super bowl xlvii continues on our website, you can read previous of the biggies the matchup and let that slide shows ahead of the big -- the big easy match up and looked at slide shows the head of the big game. >> i-695 was shut down for nearly two hours this afternoon after a vehicle collision in middle river. we were over the scene just before 4:00. drivers are being diverted just off of the highway at the 700 to exit. -- 700 to exit. >> baltimore county police are looking for anyone who may have been near the light rail platform just before the friday evening commute. a run for cover 15 -- around 4:15 in the afternoon. he was waiting for a train when a group of people shot him multiple times. he is an inmate work-release program serving 24 year sentence for attempted murder. anyone who was nearby, contact police. emotional and sometimes confusing testimony from a key witness in nine phylicia barnes -- in the phylicia barnes murder case, her older sister. >> her older sister has -- is responsible for turning over to police a sex video. her older
behind the scenes as they prepare for superable xlvii. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. this 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. a terrible might leaving four injured and a 10-year-old girl killed. sarah samson's then the actor known talking to neighbors -- spend the afternoon talking to neighbors. >> a heartbreaking scenes and i am there is already a memorial set up. all day, people have been stopping by dropping off stuffed toys and notes address to the little girl. they say the girl's name was raven. the fire broke got just before 11:00 last night. baltimore city fire said seven people escaped the house and when they got here, they heard the 10-year-old girl was in the basement. the flames were just too intense and they had to evacuate. they later found her arm the first floor. witnesses who saw the flames say that they were both incredibly intense. >> i heard all the fire trucks storming down the street. i came up in the house was totally engulfed in flames. smoke was everywhere. it was just terrible. >> officials say three children, three of her siblings, were taken to the hospital
't seem concerned with the peripheral stuff and he continues to prepare his club for super bowl xlvii. baltimore's defense will be the key. they have to contain colin kaepernick and they have to put a lock and key on vernon davis. ed reed will spend time with this guy and he knows it is a physical mismatch. davis is four inches taller and 50 pounds heavier. >> you have to watch the guy at all times. he may not have been a threat as much with kaepernick but he is always a threat. they give him the ball. usually when you see him catching it, it is a touchdown. >> that hair is getting gray, ed. maryland leaves for durham where they play the blue devils this weekend at cameron indoor. duke is coming off one of the biggest losses ever in miami. mike krzyzewski has challenged them reminding them the canes bead the blue out of them but the terps are ready, too. >> we are coming off our last road game where we were not very good the first half so i ma'am our guys -- i imagine our guys will be ready. duke will be ready. so we will have to be ready to match their intensity
with the receiver. super bowl xlvii is nine days away. it will be broadcast in 32 languages. the university of miami wins the school with the most players in the game for this year's super bowl. halftime shows have come a long way. the first super bowl halftime show consisted of the university of arizona and the university of she get with a band playing at the coliseum in los angeles. >> coming up, 17 straight games they have one. they continue to have that streak with a 20-9 when. -- win. doug miller with a free kick. too much for the blast. scores from the corner. netto winds it around for the score. michelle --in front of the net. the blast take on the lancers. stick around. >> this clip does. >> yes, it did, but it got out of here. the polarization goodbye overnight. partly cloudy over the weekend. monday looks a little bit icy in the morning. little dicey there. it will clear up in time. we will be scheming on that one. >> that is all for the news tonight. good night, everybody. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay
. to continue your game week prep for super bowl xlvii, we have you covered. an hour of ravens db you do not want to miss right here on wbal- tv 11 news. all the things that you do not want to miss. mr. maryland dunk since when? that dunk was the only second- best today. the terps lost against duke. reverse slam. i nearly jumped out of my seat. maryland defense -- over and over again. second half. does well. curry -- there he goes. mason. the reverse, follow slam. i have never seen that before. and i have watched a lot of basketball. i'm real. too many turnovers and to do below many missed shots. georgetown taking on louisville. first half. th e drive. second half. 46-43. tied at 48. the hoyas had the final say. goodness. georgetown knocks off louisville 53-51. louisville 53-51. i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they
're ready for the super bowl xlvii. i guarantee it. >> reporter: 5,000 members of the media are starting to arrive. >> and it's, in fact, the largest media platform in history. the tv viewership was over 1 heaven million viewers. >> reporter: stories are being told on the international stage about new orleans. as super bowl 47 approaches. >> reporter: and to -- judge and to take this opportunity to show the rest of the world how far new orleans has come. >> for a city that seven years ago was 15 feet under water and the last on every list in mark that mattered. we find ourselves in -- in america that mattered. we find ourselves on the world stage. >> reporter: the goal is to welcome every football fan from the airport to the hotels and streets with vip treatment. projects to prepare included $305 million in renovations at the airport. $336million at the super dome and hall a of the convention center underwent $93 million of renovations. >> between the state, the federal government, and the city of new orleans, we invested $75 million in highway streets, sidewalk street cars and street sp
for their sixth title in two weeks when they battle in super bowl xlvii in new orleans. 49ers trailed by 17 points in the first half. second half, frank gore gets his second touchdown of the game. nine-yard run. with the game on the line, fourth and four, it's not going to happen for the dirty birds of the south. they get the loss, and san francisco wins 28-24. they head to new orleans. we have been on this story since week one. mindy bach has the latest on the niners. mindy? >> reporter: henry, this win was unlike any other for the 49ers this season. 17-point deficit they overcame, largest comeback by far of the year. they also broke a five-game losing streak on the road in the play-offs. and it all adds up to their sixth super bowl appearance in new orleans. >> feels pretty darn good. feels pretty darn good. again, thank you to our players and coaches for making this happen. >> i think it's a great team win. our team played great. running backs ran well. our receivers made plays. our defense battled back the second half and played really well. >> we've got one more game to cap it all off. we're
. >>> the latest on barbara walters' hospitalization. super bowl xlvii pits brother versus brother and then man versus shark. good morning to see you. in a few hours, president obama will take the oath of office for the second time in 24 hours before laying out his agenda for the next four years. just before noon sunday, supreme court chief justice john roberts administered the oath of office as required by law on the 20th of january. take a listen. >> please raise your right hand. >>> i about a rack hussein obama swear that will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. thank you so much. thank you, sweetie. thank you. >> i did it. all right. thank you, everybody. >> and in case you didn't hear that last part, sasha said you didn't mess up. in reference to the first time he took the oath in 2009. last night the president and first laid yea long with the vice president and mrs. biden al
. >>> in sports, super bowl xlvii is being billed as the battle of the harbaugh brothers. john harbaugh's ravens revenge beat the patriots with three touchdown passes by joe flacco. ravens' fans celebrated, beating new england 28-13 to win the afc title game. earlier, frank gore had two touchdowns as jim harbaugh, san francisco 49ers staged the biggest comeback victory ever in an nfc championship game, 28-24 over atlanta. the niner fans in san francisco went wild. check this out. ravens and 49ers will go head to head in super bowl xlvii in new orleans in two weeks, on february 3rd. it is the first time two brothers will coach against each other in a super bowl. their father, now, jack harbaugh, played one year of professional football with the afl's new york titans in 1961. after his sons were born, jack began a long coaching career in high school and college. >>> check this out. california, surfers rode waves between 20 and 30-feet high in the famed mavericks invitational surf contest in half moon bay, south of san francisco. the winner was a 43-year-old man from santa cruz. >>> later today, pr
anyone. >>> now to the game. the 49ers are sure tonight highlight of super bowl xlvii. but so are the sodas, the candies and all the ads. >> we're talking about multi- million dollar ads. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins with us more on how those ads are hoping to get your attention. i always look forward to the ads on super bowl sunday. >> reporter: don't we all, frank and michelle? that's something we talk about. yeah, the game is exciting but these ads are fun and now this year companies aren't making you wait to watch these commercials. in addition to that, they are letting you decide what goes on the day of the big game. now, for example, coca-cola's ad is already previewed on its website. you can watch it and tell them how the commercial should end. >> mercedes-benz already leaked its ad on facebook already and it's getting hype with comments suggested about the commercial. $4million for 30 second ads to build social buzz about the products before kickoff. companies are working to have a conversation with consumers and give them incent
, february 3rd. and, of course, you can watch the super bowl xlvii right here on cbs. >>> and coming up this morning, securing the swearing-in. a look at the massive effort to counter any threats to today's inauguration ceremony. this is the "cbs morning news." today's inauguration ceremony. this is the "cbs morning news." whatever it takes, get to sears big weekend event mattress spectacular. get 24 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears [ female announcer ] how do you define your moment? the blissful pause just before that rich sweetness touches your lips. the delightful discovery the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself. well, almost. the sweet reward making a delicious choice that's also a smart choice. splenda no-calorie sweetener. with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust. splenda makes the moment yours. >>> a commuter plane slid off the runway at new jersey's new york liberty airport last night. officials say united express flight f
for super bowl xlvii. >> they will board starting at 11:00 this morning and then head to louisiana. the game is next sunday at the superdome. >>> anyone looking for a room in the big easy is probably out of luck. officials say that hotels are at 85% now. after this weekend, likely the city's hotel's rooms will be sold out. officials say they expect a lot of the guests to stick around for the following week for mardi gras. if you have the time and the money. >>> for those who plan to stay here in the bay area for the big game, you might want to be t hinking act going all out yourselves. >> from big chase and snacks to big screen tvs, they show us how they're getting ready for parties next weekend. >> she's not alone now that the niners are in it to win it. they're getting ready for super big game get togethers. >> had to be in before the super bowl. >> and she didn't stop there. >> and >> and we added a sound bar. i think it will make watching the game cool. >> we have a lot of red and gold going on. >> they have stocked up on everything from
getting ready for the super bowl . they are playing the 49ers in super bowl xlvii. nonfootball fans have plenty of entertainment. beyonce is the halftime show. millions will be watching for the commercials and some of them will definitely become classics, just like this one. >> i'm a firm believer in paradigm breaking. outside the box thinking. >> break was over 15 minutes ago. >> and since terry has been with us our productivity has gone up 6%. we are getting more from our employees than ever before. >> you know you need a cover sheet. >> hey janice. >> if you have an all time favorite super bowl commercial let us know. hey janice. remember you can see the big game of course right here on wusa9 network coverage of super bowl xlvii. we have live reports starting tonight throughout the week. our crews include the lovely andrea roane. that is her hometown, new orleans is. she is going to take us on a great tour, and everything heading up to the big game right here on wusa9. >> there is a whole bunch to watch. thanks a lot for waking up with us this monday morning. i'm mike haiduk, it is
xlvii is a family affair for the first time. brothers will meet in the final game. ravens head coach john harbaugh will be across the sidelines from his younger brother jim. the younger harbaugh brought the 49ers back from 17 down to beat the atlanta falcons on their way to new orleans. now, you want to look up the china cabinet, the boys are at it againp superbowl xlvii is set for february 3rd and ravens find themselves in a familiar spot. megan has them coming -- vegas has them as five point underdogs. >> this was the scene in fells point. quite festive. people pouring out of bars cheering and screaming and police were on hand in case things got too crazy but they didn't cause trouble they werecelebrating. the fans are look forward to cheering on the ravens at superbowl. team coverage continues this morning. abc2 news linda so is live this morning with some die-hard fans at the towson diner. what are they saying? is anybody there yet? >> reporter: hi. good morning. yes they are. we have armond who is retired school teach here taught high school football in the day. exciting game. >
morning maryland. >> next stop the big easy the ravens are dancing all the way to the superbowl xlvii. >> all they needed to do is win and they did that. how the ravens managed to outplay the patriots. >> and it's the big day in the nation's capital. hundreds of thousands flocking to dc for president obama's second inauguration. we will get you ready on this monday, january 21st. good morning, maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. so we know a lot of you are tired this morning if you stayed up and watched the game. >> we have shots and shirts and anything you want talking about the big game last night. ravens afc champions headed to superbowl 47. a big win last night in foxborough over the patriots. >> everybody is tired and let's see what the weather is going to be like. >> let me get this out of my system. we won, we won we won. 27 in ijamsville. bundle up as you step out this morning because we are cold. 29 degrees right now in jessup and the winds are going to be variable going throughout the day ck up as we go into the evening time frame. so we will get gusty as
see super bowl xlvii right here on wusa9 network coverage begins at 6:30 sunday but our live reports from new orleans start tonight. our crew including andrea roane back in her hometown. she is going to cover the news and entertainment leading up to the big game. >> 6:30 a.m. sunday morning? >>> that is going to be a great game. ravens and niners. >>> tricky morning. things get better in the afternoon. howard is going to detail the whole timeline. >> reporter: some of the schools that have delayed may re-evaluate to see how the road conditions are improving. we'll keep you updated no matter what happens here and online and also on our ipad app. our forecast today starting with sleet and freezing rain. little bit of snow at the onset. temperatures in the low 30s. we are going to climb out of this. southern and southwest areas will warm up first. 42 by 4:00 and a couple of showers possible later this afternoon with a better chance of that north of dc. moisture moving in from west to east, and it has been in the form of everything that you can imagine around here. up north of town we ha
bowl xlvii. it was anything but smooth. we'll have more highlights and reaction fro and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that we won't be stuck up here, for hours, with nothing to do. oh i get it, you wanna pass the time, huh. (holds up phone) fruit ninja!!! emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >> ama: president obama took the oath of office today for his second term. it was administered by chief justice john roberts. >> defend the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. >> the swearing in will be repeat tomorrow before hundreds of thousands of people. a parade and two balls. our coverage of the inauguration continues at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america" and we'll have live streaming coverage at at 6:30. >> we showed you the shirts and ha
time of the night. so it will be the harbaugh bowl two weeks from tonight in super bowl xlvii. one week from tonight, our shows will be from jackson square in new orleans. >> yes. >> that's nice. >>> a couple of hurricanes. [ laughter ] >> and you probably me back some of the beads. >> yes. we know that you have been using them. >> i'm sure that some of them will be nicknaming that bro bowl. >> that's right. >> all right, that will wrap it up for us at 10:00. we'll see you at 11:00. and dennis will have game day at 11:35, good night. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver
's a preview of super bowl xlvii ad. they are selling soda, candy, and cards to pick out just some of the commercials. and at $4 million for a 30 second ad, the strategy is using social media. >> buzz before the game and buzz after the game means that spot of yours won't just be seen during the game. >> michelle at golden gate university says seeing the commercial before the game can score big points. >> i think there's more contest, a little bit. some of them are offering prizes. you have a chance if you see the ad, to win. >> example, coca-cola's ad. click on their site and decide who bins the race and how the commercial should end on super bowl day. so the viewer sees the commercial and coca-cola didn't pay a dime. it turns into having a life of its own and you have a chance to be talked about in a way you don't if you are advertising somewhere else. mercedes-benz leaked its ad on its facebook page today, encouraging the buzz. thousands of likes and dozens of comments about this objective commercial. >> well, the commercial that started all the buzz, that was the 1984 apple
room, how colin kapernick is dealing with the pressure ten days from super bowl xlvii. >>> i was one that put a finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. >> and dramatic word from senator dianne feinstein as she unveils a new bill to ban assault weapons. i'm juliette goodrich in. >> cbs 5 reporter tells us he wants them to do some officiating of their own during the big game. >> the mayor and bartenders know they have a lot of power on game day. oftentimes, they are the first line of defense against mayhem. >> if the niners win the super bowl -- >> are you from back east? >> sorry about that. when the niners win the super bowl, san francisco mayor, ed lee, does not want a repeat of this. what he called knuckle heads after the giants won the world series last year. they set fire. they will have extra cops on parole, but the mayor released this statement saying he expects a peaceful super bowl sunday in san francisco, encouraged bar and restaurant owners to use their best judgment when serving alcohol and not serve visibly intoxicated patrons. >> i think to myself, no duh.
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